Monday, January 17, 2011

January 17th---What I ate :)

Good evening everyone!  I am a happy camper tonight because I made all good food choices today yay me!!!

Breakfast- Coffee with two truvia and a little powder plain creamer.  Wasn't very hungry other then that, but tomorrow planning on more of a breakfast.

Lunch- Turkey lunch meat about 6 slices, and three cow pals cheese

Dinner- Salad with chicken lunch meat, few sunflower seeds, half avocado, cheese, Newman's Own dressing, bacon bits, and I think that is all.

With each meal I had water.

I am happy for today's success, but right now at 9 pm me and my hubby are sitting down to watch a movie at home and I am longing for a snack.  I think I will just get a big glass of water to fill my belly cause they say most times that your craving might just be boredom or maybe your just thirsty.

Goodnight ladies! : )  Here's cheering to successful day tomorrow! : ) : )


  1. Jorge's book right before he wrote the BFC is titled The 3 Hour Diet. In it he advocates eating a little something every 3 hours an you will stop hunger, stop depriving yourself, and Start Losing Belly Fat First. It's a good book to p/u if you ever come across it. He states when you eat every 3 hours you will keep your blood sugar levels stable, so you're never hungry, and it keeps your metabolism up so you preserve your lean muscles. Cheers!

  2. Thank you Kasey!! Yea I think I need to try to fit a snack in between these meals to help me with the hunger cravings.