Thursday, January 20, 2011

What I ate Jan. 20th

Breakfast- buttered toast with cheese slice and coffee with creamer and truvia.

Lunch-Burrito made with high fiber low carb tortilla, with pork carnitas meat, cilantro, onion & cheese

Snack- pork grinds (just a handful)

Dinner-Chicken with baked zucchini (that I breaded with panko & cheese) SUPER YUMMY!!

Drank water with all meals. I am finally feeling like this diet isn't as bad as I was thinking it was going to be. I have stuck with it for several days and haven't had any hunger cravings at all. I have driven past a couple restaurants while out for work and wished I could eat the old junk I use to have, but I just remember recent pictures I have taken and picture the image which I hope to be at the end of all of this and decide I don't need all that old junk. Its not as hard as you may think.

One major problem I have always had on this diet, is I LOVE to cook!! SO if I can't cook yummy things and these big meals, I just feel lost sometimes. I love to cook for my husband a lot and try new things with my food recipes. Anyways I had been given this website called which is actually a blog here from a friend and have made several things from this site. I have to change a few things up for our particular kind of eating habits, but its not hard to do at all.  I haven't even been that hungry lately.  Smaller meals seem to be filling me up actually.  I also try to make double recipes when making things so I can have leftovers of dinners to take for lunch.  Plus my hubby isn't working right now so I usually make lots at dinner to have plenty for him to have food at home during that days too.  I am trying to get him to diet with me, but that is easier said then done.  He wants to diet, he always says so, but he never does.  He has a habit of eating lots of breads for snack.  He gets these fresh spanish baked breads from a panaderia down the street and I really hate seeing them on the counter through the cake plate we put them in, but I without because most have some sorta fruit jelly in them and I really don't care for that.  Anyways I have rambled enough now.  Got to watch American Idol.  I am truly addicted to that show!! =)  Good night girls!!

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