Wednesday, November 17, 2010

In response to everyone's comments re: Shiritaki Noodles

Incase anyone forgot to go back and read follow up comments.  I am just going to answer in this post. 

Hansens is great, Kroger's carry it.  It taste just like Crystal Light.  They had Iced Tea, Strawberry Lemondade and Berry Flavors (which I got).  They are a little bit more expensive but when you need another juice option, its great and they taste really sweet. 

Shiritaki Noodles to be honest do have a fishy or seaweedy smell to them, but you pour them in a collender and rinse them with hot water and viola!!  Pat them dry with a paper towl and then let them soak in whatever sauce you wanna use like lite soy sauce or the braggs as Rosalie uses.  Cook all your other stir fry and add them for a second and enjoy. : )

Another suggestion is to get the brand I had in the picture from or and pick the Angel Hair pasta style.  The kind I got is a yam noodle.  There is another version made with Tofu noodles that I heard had a bad texture so maybe all of you that didnt' have a good experiece with Shiritaki noodles had the tofu shiritaki and not the yam noodle shiritaki.  I suggest trying the yam noodle version before totally throwing this option out because they really did feel me up.

Hope everyone had a great BFC day! : )

I had a bit of a stressful day, but I think I just need to relax now.  I did get my nails down with my friend for one of her wedding errands today but since its not sandal weather anymore I have already messed up my toes while wearing socks and my boots.  Its driving me crazy too, lol!! I know it shouldn't but I just know my toe nails are smudged and I guess I will go back to get them fixed but no sense until Friday night or Saturday morning.  I also bought a tummy slimmer undergarment today and its declared it would make you look 10 lbs thinner and I thought this would help with my dress fitting a little bit more comfortably but unfortunately it makes me look more awful and less confident about myself.  I don't know how but I have gained 2 lbs.  I think I possibly am retaining water or its coming to be my "TIME."  Who knows.!!  But I am thinking this is why I am venting like crazy in this total paragraph of one big complaint.  Sorry everyone, I just had to type this out.  Sorta like my personal diary because only women can understand.  If I vented like this to my husband, he would try to sympathize but really wouldn't understand.  hah!!  Anyways thanks for listening!!!

Peace out!!!


  1. Hey Lindsay! You know, when you are stressed your body sends out cortisol and cortisol can make you retain fluid. Dont be hard on yourself. You are doing great!! Keep up the good work & thanx for the review on the shiritaki noodles. Still not sure if I want to try them. They just look kinda icky in the pkg. I am all about eye appeal & they just dont have that & then if they smell fishy...I dont think I will be able to choke em down. I would rather take the hit for the real thing Im thinkin.
    Sorry to hear your pedi got messed up. I know, it sucks but no worries. Like you said nobody will notice.
    Have a good eve.

  2. Thanks Sherri! :) The shiritaki noodles don't smell fishy unless you put the bag right up to your nose hehe!! That is just the fluid they are preserved in. You rinse that smell off with the hot water and then they basically are odorless and flavorless until you add a sauce. Its worth a try to me. But if not thats cool too. ;)

    Yea I am stressed all the time, probably one of the main reason for my super fat belly. I have one of those stick out belly, lots like I am prego, but I am not, which makes my confidence level a major downer, but I am trying to hard to stick with this so I don't feel so sad about the fatness that I have developed.

  3. Thanks for the update on the noodles...the smell was not so bad that it turned me off it was the texture so maybe I should give the other kind a go. Sorry that things have been so stressful for you. Just be kind to yourself you are doing something so wonderful for body and you will start to feel so awesome!

  4. Hi Lindsay, The shiritaki noodles in the picture are the exact same ones that I get all the time. They are packed in lime juice and do have a slight smell - but as you said, just rinse them with hot water and they are good.
    Don't worry about the 2lbs. Remember how many times I have said that my weight goes up then down then up again. It will go back down. Have a great night :-)

  5. Thanks girls!!! I am trying to keep my head on my shoulders so I can achieve my goals. :)

  6. I fluctuate with my weight all throughout the week. That's why you pick one day to have as your official weigh-in each week. From week to week, and especially from month to month, you'll see the actual weight loss over time, despite the ups and downs in-between. Remember to focus on your overall weight loss each week/month.

    I ordered some of the angel hair shiritaki noodles. Thank you for the tip on buying the angel hair type. Also, thank you for letting me know that there is a non-tofu type of shiritaki noodles. I have only ever seen the tofu version, so I had just assumed that that was all there was.

  7. Your most welcome Minichick!! We are all a team and I always would love if I helped someone out. This shiritaki noodles idea originally came from Rosalie and I tried and now others are trying. :)

    I think I will pick Mondays as my weigh in day and not worry with the ups and downs to much. :) Thanks for the advice.