Monday, November 15, 2010

On to Day 2

Well I am happy to report day one was halfway a success.  I ate two eggs for breakfast and a healthy salad with super carbs and O/V dressing, but I couldn't finish it because there was to much olive oil and it turned me off the salad.  But then by dinner time, I was ready to eat my own arm, lol!!  I think its because I didn't eat hardly any carbs trying to follow the fast track BFC due to the wedding im in this weekend.  Well I don't think that was the greatest idea on my part.  I had to run errands with my hubby to Home Depot & Lowes to do some pricing for a house my hubby is remodeling for his job and while we were out, we went to Steak N Shake that was in the same parking lot.  Let me tell you how guilty I feel because I had the frisco melt which is a BIG no no!!!  So my plan for tomorrow is to eat more then a salad for lunch and stick with a lighter dinner so I don't feel so starved through the day.  So I went ahead and cooked two lunches and put them in my little sectional tupperware and into the fridge so there easy to grab in the morning.  I think this will help me big time.  Check my meal out. :)  One and half hamburger patty cooked on my George Foremen, Brocolli in cheese sauce, mushrooms, one piece of bacon and sharp cheese, and tomorrow I will use a little mustard and I am all set for a yummy and more filling lunch yet low sugars, and very low carbs.


  1. Way to go girl! You are so right about not letting yourself get to hungry then you make all the wrong choices. I bet you will look beautiful at the wedding.

  2. Hi Lindsay, I think you should eat a tortilla w/cheese with your eggs for breakfast. I have come to realize that a big breakfast is real important. Try it! Then I think you can get thru the day better. :-) have a good day tomorrow!

  3. Thank you Diana!

    I will try that tomorrow Rosalie with the tortilla. I did grab a piece of toast this morning but the only kind I had was white bread, but one slice was 18g carbs/2g sugars so not to awful, but I will be getting better bread tonight at the grocery store and some low carb wraps.