Tuesday, November 9, 2010

My Do OVER! : )

Well its been a while, but I had fallen off the wagon and didn't blog about my bad eating moments so now I am back to say I am going to do a "Do Over" with this BFC.  This time I am going to try my hardest to fight and have will power to keep on top of things.  I am starting at 216 lbs this time around.  My ultimate goal is to get down to 140 lbs.  My more short term goal is to try to lose about 10 lbs. per month.  

I have been following lots of peoples blogs like Rosalie and her great accomplishment of losing 70 lbs.  Amazing!!, Mini chick and her gluten free BFC lifestyle, Me and Jorge, and many other great blogs.  All these blogs have helped me be motivated to want to accomplish my goal.  I know I can do it, its just things have been stressful in my life and in those times I wanna make excuses of why I can't follow through with this diet or why I need that candy bar or french fries to make myself feel better.  Only to find out when I am done eating these things, I feel like total crap and also guilty that I have given into my emotions and ate something I knew I didn't need.  

I hope you will all follow my blog and help me with encouragement as I will helps others as well.

So far I had a big bottle of water and a Jalepeno Sausage Wrap from Quick trip 34g carb/3 g sugar

I am planning on running to the grocery store on my lunch break to grab some snacks for here at work.  Things like wraps, lunch meat, water, maybe some celery with peanut butter.  

Good luck to all of us!!


  1. Hi Lindsay, I added ur blog to my list. I am so glad that u are doing this.
    Re: the fast track, I saw a copy of that about a month or so ago. I feel - and this is just my opinion, that we need at least 1 or 2 carbs a day in order to make this work for the long haul. I don't want to feel like I am depriving myself.
    BTW, you look beautiful! :-)

  2. Yea I just read over some of the fast track and though it sounds hard, I think I will try to jump start and weed out my cravings. But for long haul I know I will need some bread and other carbs in my lifestyle to keep on trucking along. Thank you for adding my blog, your so kind and thank you for your last comment. Your such a sweetie. I will feel more confident about myself when I can reach this weight loss goal. I know I can do it, I just gotta set my mind and don't give up. :)

  3. Yay! I'm glad you're back, too!!! You can do it. Sometimes it takes a couple of missteps before your head fully engages in the process. But, as long as you don't give up, that will happen. Hang in there! Things will click into place. Hugs.

  4. Hi Lindsey!!
    I too have added you to my favorites and will follow your blog. Since I just started on Oct 30th, I have found that blogging daily has made me feel so much more accountable. I almost feel an obligation to do it for myself. Like my daily letter to me...that I share w/ all of you! I know that this time will be different for me and I know if you stick with the wonderful group we have here, you too will come out a winner! I want to lose 44# by next Sept 25th...my birthday! There are always going to be ups & downs. I have had some emotional stuff going on in my life the past few days and last night I looked @ my cookie jar with vanilla oreos in it (love them!) and said, "its just not worth it Sherri"...and I walked away. Before I would have eaten 6 of them without blinking an eye. Its a diffferent mindset....set your goal and Go for it!! We are all cheering for you!!
    Love & belief!
    please feel free to follow my blog. Would love to have you!

  5. Lindsay,

    I can't read your BFC Fast Track post. Anytime I click on the link it says that the page does not exist.

  6. Sorry Minichick, I had deleted the posting, cuz I thought maybe it was an accident that you could view Jorge Cruise entire fast track book online. But still several days later its viewable online at his webpage http://jorgecruise.com/fast-track-review

    I can't believe it is available. You can't print, but you can read online. I did read just to get an idea of his book. Seems like a very simple diet, but I would miss carbs to much so not sure if I will buy the book or not. Possibly... But that is why I deleted the post, but I guess there was no harm in sharing the link when its right there available for everyone to read.

  7. Hey Lindsey I am glad to see you are back. Sometimes it takes us awhile to realize that eating over our emotions really doesn't do us much good, but that is why we are human and we do make those mistakes. But we are here to support each other through thick and thin. My blog is at dchesney65@blogspot.com if you want to follow along.

  8. Oh, okay. Yeah, the book sounds like a paleo style diet. Like you, I'm not willing to give up grains altogether. I tried that type of diet in the past, when I first started eating gluten free, and I didn't feel any better or notice any benefits so I didn't continue with it. Like my situation with gluten, if I noticed a significant difference in how I felt being grain free it would be worth it to me to give them up.

  9. @Diana, I believe I already follow your blog. I will be better about commenting, I have alot of blogs I am following, sometimes I am bad about remembering. :)

    @Minichick, I am not sure about the new way of Jorge diet, I bought most of the main grocery items, but still am going to add in my shiritaki noodles and some toast in the morning because I can't totally go off carbs. I don't think I would be a nice person hehe!!