Tuesday, August 24, 2010

The last start to a diet goal I will achieve

Hello all!  My name is Lindsay and Monday August 23rd I started my diet challenge for the last time because this time I will stick to it and that is a promise I have made to myself.  

I started the Belly Fat Cure some time ago but when I was following it I had a success of about 15 lbs. but stopped because I got to busy.  But August 23, 2010 I started this plan yet again.  At my current weight of 213.8 as of this morning, I set to accomplish a weight loss of about 70 lbs which would be in my healthy weight range for a 5' 7" woman at the age of 27.  

So far I have had a good start with my week.  My stomach does hurt a little from wanting some extra food, but I think after the first week or so, my body will get use to the diet again.  

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