Friday, August 27, 2010

Day 5 of my BFC Diet

Okay so its finally Friday! :)  Always a great thing!  I have done okay this week, not perfect.  But next week my goal is to do even better.  I can't wait to see what Mondays weigh in looks like :)  My ultimate test will be this weekends menu, because when I tend to get bored I eat.  I will just have to stay busy busy to keep myself on track.  I have a wedding reception to go to tomorrow so there may be some off track eating there, but hopefully they will have some healthy options. hehe!!  I think this weekend I will spend time planning my next's weeks dinners so I don't go off track at night after I get home from work.  That was my worst thing this week.  When I don't have dinner planned and then I get home from work, me and my husband are tired and then we just grab something out to eat or well I make a quick sandwich.  Like last night I wasn't too hungry and just ate a grilled cheese sandwich.  What can I say, I am just plan lazy after having to drive home an hour from work....  Good luck to everyone this weekend.  One word of advice, if you think your hungry, try just drinking a glass of water.  Sometimes that might be all you need. :)  I mean of course after you eat regular meals (not in place of food) ;)


  1. Great job!! You're on your way!! You can find breads that are low in carbs/sugars, and still have that Grilled Cheese. I hope you are able to plan some good dinners this weekend for the week ahead. It does make all the difference. Congratulations and keep on going!! :)

  2. Thank you Jaime! :) Yes I have a bread by Sara Lee (wheat) that is about 26g (carb) and 3g (sugar) per two slices but am on the search for one that allows me to have two slices and stay under the one carb limit.

  3. I tried to e-mail you but didn't find an e-mail address in your profile. Is there a way for me to contact you privately?

  4. Congrats on your first 5!!! You have the right idea...PLAN AHEAD! I find this so helpful. Love the tip about water too...can't tell you how many times I have done this and forgot I was hungry.
    Keep up the good work girlie!
    @Melt Fat Extravagenza - I love the La Tortilla Wraps...and have been using them instead of bread for sandwiches. Also, started using Sugar Free bread...still 2 carbs for 2 slices but no sugar.
    Ya'll have a Great Weekend!!!

  5. @minichick I just update my email on my profile but its also :) Anytime feel free to email :)

    @no sugar just spice - that for the hints...yes I have tried the wraps but ran out, I need to go back to the grocery store this weekend, and hunt for this sugar free bread :) I never can find it.