Thursday, August 23, 2012

Well what to say....

Well, what should I say....

I don't have much to write about because after following the carb cycling for a bit, I feel off the wagon as I normally do.  Got to stressed from finishing school, helping my husband work, and doing all the millions of other duties a woman seems to always have to do!  Its never ending right?  It seems like I never get a chance to sit down unless I am at the office working.  I actually enjoy coming to work but its the one place that seems to be quiet which I need on occasion.  So even though I haven't followed the carb cycling plan still, I haven't been eating much for dinners because I never seem to be too hungry.  I use a dessert size plate to eat on and stick to that.  As soon as I can get things together and go to the grocery store Monday, I will be back following the guidelines (hopefully to the T).  I get pretty bored with foods though.  I hate bring my lunch to work because I prefer it to be fresh right out of the oven or frying pan.  Chicken and stuff like that just isn't yummy left over in the microwave because its too dried out.  I don't care for the low carb wraps too much because well I just don't like the taste.  I don't like the salads unless they are super fresh too because the lettuce tends to get wilted or begins to taste weird after its packed in my lunch container and kept in the fridge here at work.  What do you guys take for lunch to work that actually tastes good?  I need to work on breakfast better too now because I have a totally different schedule.  I started waking up at 5:30 am in August because my hubby and I are taking care of our niece now so she can go to school where we live instead of back home in PR.  Its been a big change because I am not a morning person and I definitely am not that hungry that early in the morning.  I guess I will have to boil some eggs and bring some microwave ready bacon or turkey bacon to work.  I know I will get tired of the egg but I could eat bacon everyday with no problem (hehe).  High school starts so early at 7 am here, I don't see how anyone can learn that early especially teenagers who like to sleep til noon most of the time, but those are the rules. 

Anyways....looks like I found something to say haha!!

Great to be back, I missed following all of you guys and writing to keep myself accountable.  I hope coming back to the blog will help me stick to eating right again.  I would love to lose those 80 lbs I need to lose.  I recently saw the People magazine ad about those people losing 100lbs and if figure if they did it and they were all about my weight, then I can do it.  I know there are others following the BFC that have had great success because you guys never gave up.  If I could just stick to it and do some exercise then I know I can achieve my goals (my dream of being skinny) again!

Have a great day making healthy eating choices everyone! 


  1. One breakfast option is overnight oatmeal, I got the idea from pinterest. Basically you make you oatmeal the way you normally would with out heating it and let it sit in your fridge overnight and it will be ready to eat in the morning no heating, no mess.

    On the lunch front I love leftovers, you could always make yourself some awesome sandwiches on low carb bread and some soup.

    Have a wonderful day :)

  2. welcome back! I love making my minute muffins for breakfast. If I were working, I'd probably bring the stuff to make them for lunch sometimes too. What about tuna salad with tomatoes and cucumbers in it? I think that would be a great lunch item too. I don't really like hot stuff for lunch, didn't even when i went to a day job.

  3. Both great ideas, thank you!! I definitely will try the salad with soup and the tuna mix. I don't like the minute muffin, it always chokes me trying to get the thing down. :(

  4. I posted the Coconut Flour Biscuit recipe on my blog that I've been making lately, instead of the regular minute muffin (I didn't like it either.) and it's not dry at all to me. But I split it horizontally and only eat 1/2 at a time. The original recipe says that it's 10g carb for the whole biscuit. I didn't use to like breakfast much but it's now my favorite meal of the day. I've also done the oats overnight in a jar and topped it with a few blueberries, nuts, cinnamon & xylitol, even once diced a couple of raisins. Easy recipe to add chia seeds to, too.

    I know you want warm/hot foods for lunch. But immediately I thought of egg salad, tuna salad (even w/low-carb pasta, salami/pepperoni/cheese/nuts mini tray, salad (keep each topping separate to avoid sogginess) with canned meat (it'll be moister), pb in a little container w/low-carb bread choice (I like Ezekial). I've also brought taco salad (ground meat heats up well), chili, spaghetti (w/low-carb pasta), pork chop/roast w/couple Tbsps sweet potato, Bellatoria Margarita pizza... all leftovers that reheated well without overdrying. Maybe don't nuke your meat so long might help?