Monday, July 23, 2012

Been MIA for almost a year now....but I am coming back

Hey bloggers!! I don't know if anyone out there is still around or not.  I was gone for almost a year.  I may have posted some during that year but not much at all.  I am coming back in August : )  I started the carb cycling plan that Jorge came out with and lost 7 lbs. during the first week.  I don't expect myself to lose that every week but it was a shock for my body so that is why I lost up front so much.  I want to blog again for accountability because it helped me so much in the past when I originally lost 25 lbs with BFC (the original).  There has been so many additions or different versions added to the original plan.  I have been missing the past year because I went off the BFC and I went back to school full time on top of working full time.  I just didn't make time for blogging.  But now with graduation only four weeks away, I am anticipating coming back to blogging about my BFC journey.

I really enjoy the carb cycling plan a lot.  Its by far been my fav version of the BFC.  The only downfall I have reached was the weekends make it hard for sticking to the plan because being at home more and watching what the kids and my hubby and his brother eat are brutal during these beginning times.  During the week when I am busy with work and school after work, I don't have time to watch what they eat so its better.  Saturday and Sunday this past week, I did cheat with some extra carbs unfortunately.  But hey I lost the 7 lbs. and I am pretty darn proud of myself.  Now onto week two and more lbs to come off I hope.  So far I had my morning eggs, turkey bacon, handful of cashews as my snack and getting ready to eat my salad.  But really I am not even hungry yet and its 1 pm.  I will wait a while and try to eat some of it at least.

My goal is not to cheat anymore no matter what stress I am under or what laziness I feel or what temptations I may have!!


  1. That's great you lost so much on the Carb cycling. I was never able to download the plan..
    Glad you're back!

  2. Hey Lindsey! So glad to have you back and congrats on the 7 lbs in a week. That is awesome.

  3. It's great to see you bloggin again. You are doing great - keep it up :-)

  4. Congrats on the super weight loss, and welcome back!

  5. Thank you guys for all the welcome wishes! :)