Monday, September 27, 2010

Its been a great two years!!!

First I just wanna say I have enjoyed blogging!!  Its helped me make some goals and new blogger friends. : )  Today is a new day on my diet and I have set forth to try to lose at least 10 lbs. per month as a new goal and see how close I can come to achieving this goal.  

Today is mine and my hubbys anniversary, today we have been married two years!!  Its been hard at times but every hard time has been worth the amazing times with my wonderful husband.  My soulmate, my best friend!!  I love him so dearly.  

So here I set forth on a new year in my marriage and new goals in my life.  Here I am come new way of life, back to the BFC.


  1. Congratulations!!! Many happy years to come. Our 19th anniversary is just around the corner, which seems crazy to me because it feels like we just got married not long ago. You'll be amazed at how fast time flies. Enjoy every moment of it.

    I'm rooting for you however big or little your weightloss is each month. :)

  2. Happy Anniversary! Enjoy each and everyday with each other. I have been married for 29yrs and it really does go by so fast. And I will be supporting you on your weighloss journey.

  3. Marriage and health...definatley 2 things we will always have to work at!!! It takes courage, commitment and heart!! Keep up the good work and we are here for you!! ♥