Wednesday, August 10, 2011

Day 1 Back on track

Well ladies I weighed myself this morning and it says 2 lbs. lost.  I think...  I got a regular scale and not a digital one this time because my digital ones' keep breaking.  Maybe that is a sign lol!!  Nah probably not, but I just bought a $10 good old fashioned scale instead of the $50 digital one's.  Trying to save money. Anywayssss.... ;)

What else is new for me?  Not much....hubby has been busy working working working which is good.  Getting lots of jobs so that is awesome.  People of course are slow to pay when their jobs are finished though which sucks big time.  Either that or they want 30 days to pay if they are a business.  Us being a small business, that makes it hard but if we don't allow the time then that business will go somewhere that does.  So ya know sometimes you gotta bare with it. 

I have had a little bit of a hard time starting back, but I will get on the wagon again eventually and not have any issues I hope.  I felt very exhausted yesterday and had a headache from the new eating plan again.  I will get use to it.  Maybe it was just because it was another bored out of my mind day at work.  Its busy one week here at the office then its dead as a doornail other days.  But as of August 22nd., I will have more to do with my time since I am returning to school to complete my Bachelor's.  I am finishing a Bachelors degree in Interdisciplinary Studies focusing on business and social science since that is what the four years of college that I have already taken transfer.  If all goes as planned, I will be able to graduate in July 2012. : )  I only have about 10 classes to take and I am taking four fall semester at Liberty Univ. which is in VA, but I am doing the distance learning.  Wish me luck!! Hope I am still smart, lol!! Its been like 6 years since I have been in college.  Wow didn't realize its been that long til just thought about it now.  But I wanna complete this before having babies. :)  I plan this to be a busy year.  Diet, College, then planning babies!! hehe!!  Lots to accomplish. 

Yesterday I ate:

Egg scrambled and bacon for breakfast
Grilled Italian chicken breast and romaine salad with chopped tomato for lunch
4 medium strawberries chopped up with a little truvia sprinkled on top
Stir fry chicken breast with onions, broccoli and a slice of tomato
I did have some pringles and crackers mixed in for dessert because I was starving from not being use to the new eating quite yet.  I will get there though. : )


  1. Congrats on the weight loss and kudos for getting back on track. You have some great goals that you have set for yourself and I really think that losing weight using the bfc will help you prepare to have babies a healthy momma = healthy babies.

    I just notices you changed the title of your blog a little are you also doing the hcg diet?

  2. You will get back into the groove in no time. But maybe you should eat a couple of carbs? It might help you to not be hungry.
    I must admire you to go back to school, I could never do that at my age, and you look smart anyways. haha
    Have a great day :-)

  3. Yea I am trying the HCG, for at least one round just to see. I basically eat with in the guidelines of BFC still, but then when I have completed one round I will still be maintaining my BFC lifestyle. A friend of mine did the HCG and it worked great for them so I am trying it too. Just to see the difference.

  4. Good luck! You will be used to your menu in no time! :)

  5. Good for you! Lots of great changes and challenges, I can tell you are ready for some positive change in your life!!