Monday, May 9, 2011

Week 17 --- I can't focus :(

Well here it is week 17 of the Belly Fat cure and I am not happy with my eats this past week.  I eat good for breakfast and lunch and fail at dinner time.  I haven't been to proud of myself this last week and I can blame it on things being different in my house, but I know the real reason.  It is just me being lazy and giving up.  But I don't wanna give up, I felt so much healthier and more energetic when I ate healthy.  I have been feeling depressed and can't get out of my funky mood.  I am trying really hard for the sake of myself and diet.  I feel depressed for my friend and her situation.  I know its hard for her.  I feel sad for my hubby who I guess isn't happy with the difference in the house, yet I feel kinda happy for having my friend around.  She helps me cook and clean while I am working and I enjoy our talks and fun things with the kids.  It does stress me a little bit, but I don't mind really.  I use more energy up now then normally, but I do it because I would do anything for a friend or family in need.  Anyways, I am also a little depressed about my hubby's job and his idea of spending vs. saving.  He basically doesn't save anything at all.  He wants to watch the HBO pay per view fights, hang out drinking with his friends.  He wants to live the fun life instead of the responsible life.  My husband is like a child I guess you could say haha!! He is 33 going on 16 or whatever you wanna say.  Just gets on my last nerve.

Thank for listening to the venting.  I promise I will stop trying to complain.  It just like this is my diary and it helps me get it all out.


  1. Try not to be so hard on yourself you have had a big change in your household with three extra people, plus you are affected by all the stress and emotions your friend is experiencing.

    I know you can do this! Have you talked to your friend about what you are doing and asked for her support? I bet she would also benefit from lower sugar eating. I am rooting for you, I know you can do it.
    Keep on posting so we can help encourage you!!!

  2. Hi Lindsay, First I want to say that having a husband is like having another child around that you have to clean up after and always yell at. :-)
    The one thing I learned since starting the BFC is not to connect emotions with eating. They are very separate and we control what we put in our mouths. Try to separate them and you will be fine. I know you can do this!!

  3. I am with you on the feeling funky...with the sunshine the last couple of days it has helped me. That and eating those yucky greens:)
    It is very kind of you to have your friend stay, we all need people at different times in life.
    Just remember how good it felt to keep yourself on track, start journaling again, and plan your meals.
    You can vent all you want!
    Good luck!

  4. Rosalie is right Lindsay. Try to separate your emotions from your eating. Your emotions make total sense, you are dealing with a lot of stress. To separate them, just take it a meal at a time. That's all you can eat at once anyhow right? Make the best choices you can and DON'T give up. You are worth the effort kiddo. Keep posting so we can be here to help you. Vent away and let off some steam if you need to. And as Katie suggests, maybe your friend can be a diet buddy for you. You are helping her, and I am sure she would help you in return.