Tuesday, May 3, 2011

I am back in action! :)

Hello everyone!  Finally I am back in action!  Sorry I had to take a week off from blogging.  I had an emergency with a best friend of mine.  I don't need to go into the details of her private life, but what happened was major.  It was sad and I feel for her.  Lets just say her boyfriend/fiance was not the person she thought after four years of being together and a sudden 360 happened in her life.  She has two young kids so she had to move out suddenly.She now lives with me until she can get things situated in a new fresh start of her life.  Yesterday she found a job, so I am excited for her for that.  I know she was so happy to get a job after looking for months and months.  My life got rearranged a bit, but I would do anything for my dear friend because I know in return she would do the same for me.  I like having my friend around, it makes it fun for all our crazy conversations we have.  hehe!! We share some great laughs together.  I don't mind helping her with her kids either, I just know I lost a little quiet time in the house, but to see them all happy makes it worth it. : )  I have been waking up a little earlier then normal to take them to school because I live just outside of their school district where they use to live, but what is the since to change schools with only 3 weeks left.  So I volunteered to drive them.  Anyways enough about that.  Just wanted to fill you all in on where I had been.

I missed reading blogs and posting everyday.  I missed my friends! : )  But now I am back to posting.  I didn't eat perfectly, I will not lie, but I think I ate very low calorie because I have been so busy lately...I hardly had time to eat for meals and just haven't been in the mood to eat like normal.  But one positive note, no weight gain.  I actually lost 1 lbs.  I have been at 197.8 forever!!  Now I am down to 196.4 which is not much loss, but its something.  Now I am getting back into the swing of things and trying to eat as good as possible.  There are now bad snacks in the house to tempt me because kids love those snacks so the will power test will be in play for me big time now.

 Wish me luck!!  Missed you all!! I will get back to posting now on all your blogs too, sorry I haven't gotten to post much this week, just haven't had time to read everyone's blog.  :(

Today my eating includes:
B:  Egg, sausage mcmuffin with coffee
L:  Salad with lite ranch, turkey, cheese, and a little crouton
D:  Spaghetti bfc portion style and side salad or a veggie


  1. Welcome back!!! Sorry to hear that your friend is going through some tough times, you are a good friend to have her stay with you. It can be so painful when people reveal their true colors how sad that her man turned out to be a turd.

    Congrats on your weight loss!!! Rosalie and Helen have been reminding me that sometimes it takes the scale awhile to catch up with what you are doing, because I haven't seen the scale go down in awhile, but my clothes fit better so I'm happy.

  2. Hi Lindsay, so happy to see you back!

  3. Welcome back Lindsay! Glad you are helping out where needed, and your friend got a job. I hope that dude has cooled off, and he's not going to come around your place. You certainly don't need that in your lives. Be safe girl!