Monday, September 13, 2010

Hear I come Week 4

Even though I had no lose during week 3, I won't let that discourage me from keep on going. : )  I started to have a lose of 2 lbs. on Friday but over the weekend, I made a series of bad carb and sugar choices because my schedule was off.  I know I probably could have found something healthy to eat, but I chose not too.  And that is my goal this week to find the healthy choice even though all those bad choices are in front of me.  When I was at apple bees I didn't need the french fries, but I ate them.  When I was at the movie theater, I didn't need the peanut m&m's but I ate them.  So I evened out back with the 2lbs. I had lost because of these extra choices of bad carbs and sugars.  And to tell you the truth, I felt better when I ate the healthier choice then when I ate this junk food this weekend.  So next weekend, I need to plan my food schedule better.
What kinda things do you all eat on the weekends to help you get through the two days?  I find it easier to follow the plan when I am at work and I don't have the whole house to just snack on finding whatever is in the pantry.  I did rid most of my bad choices out of the pantry, but there are still some things I should not eat in there.

Good luck everyone with the upcoming week! : )


  1. I's tough! I posted on my blog just today, "Why do those bad Simple carbs have to taste so good?" Hang in there... I you have to, too! =] There's always the next moment to make the right choice! ~v*

  2. Thanks!!! We will both hang in there! :) Good luck with your upcoming week.

  3. Yep! Never, never, never, ever give up!!! My eating pretty much stays the same over the weekend. The only time that it changes is if we go out to eat as a family. If you know that the weekends trip you up, do your best to treat the weekend as a weekday. You need to live your life according to what works for you, not against you. It's really important to be honest with yourself and ACCEPT what your strengths and weaknesses REALLY are, and work with that in order to achieve success. You can do it!